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Short Films

The following recordings are just a few examples of content created during the Spring and Summer of 2020. 




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Dancers: Aldeir Monteiro, Andrea Marini, Annie Johnson, Emily Parker, Erikka Reenstierna-Cates, Faith Woodyard, Hallie Rumsey-Lasersohn, Jonathan Montepara, Journy Wilkes-Davis, Elisabeth White, Marie Tender, Nanako Yamamoto, Nina Yoshida, Ruben Rascon, Ryoko Tanaka, Shaye Firer, Yeonji Heo, Ian Hussey 


Production team: Andrea Marini, Elisabeth White, Haley Wright, Journy Wilkes-Davis, Ryoko Tanaka 


Group choreography: Elisabeth White 


"repeat" written and performed by Haley Wright 


Sound engineering: Bryan Wright and Haley Wright 


Video editing: Haley Wright 

And The People Stayed Home