Beyond the Normal

I believe that when something different happens and surprises our process of life, the human being almost doesn’t know the way to react. That’s why we shouldn’t take so seriously the codifications and give more space to the unpredictable, and try to have something extraordinary, beyond the normal, simple but unique at the same time. 


Even though the piece has abstract intention, the choreography at the end represents a rejection of this codification. It is there that we invite the audience to ask themselves if they are comfortable or not with this style of life that society requires of us. 

When American Repertory Ballet contacted me, we were discussing the possibility of a short pas de deux. I proposed the idea to create a quartet because I had something in mind giving me a good vibe for a piece with four dancers: two women and two men.

The music was different in my first step of creation. But when I arrived in New Jersey and started to work with the company, I realized that the dancers were excited and ready to rock and roll. I immediately changed my mind and asked my composer to create something special and unique for ARB dancers, something modern and powerful.  

It is interesting how the choreography relates to our time and the COVID pandemic, something so unexpected in our lives. We didn't know how to react because this virus has broken our codifications and our rhythm of life.

Instead it has provoked something new. People are starting to create new ways of life for both work and communication while spending time at home during lockdown.


 -- Riccardo De Nigris 

American Repertory Ballet: NEW HEIGHTS
New Brunswick Performing Arts Center
Sept. 20 - 22 2019


Choreographer | Riccardo De Nigris 

Repetiteur | Nadia Thompson 

Composer | Massimo Margaria 

Lighting Design | Christopher Chambers 

Costume Design | Janessa Cornell Urwin


Cast:  Annie Johnson, Aldeir Monteiro, Jonathan Montepara, Hallie Rumsey-Lasersohn