Short Films

The following recordings are just a few examples of content created during the Spring and Summer of 2020. 




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Dancers: Aldeir Monteiro, Andrea Marini, Annie Johnson, Emily Parker, Erikka Reenstierna-Cates, Faith Woodyard, Hallie Rumsey-Lasersohn, Jonathan Montepara, Journy Wilkes-Davis, Elisabeth White, Marie Tender, Nanako Yamamoto, Nina Yoshida, Ruben Rascon, Ryoko Tanaka, Shaye Firer, Yeonji Heo, Ian Hussey 


Production team: Andrea Marini, Elisabeth White, Haley Wright, Journy Wilkes-Davis, Ryoko Tanaka 


Group choreography: Elisabeth White 


"repeat" written and performed by Haley Wright 


Sound engineering: Bryan Wright and Haley Wright 


Video editing: Haley Wright 

And The People Stayed Home

And The People Stayed Home

And The People Stayed Home

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Poem by Kitty O'Meara 


Dancers: Shaye Firer, Yeonji Heo, Aldeir Monteiro, Jonathan Montepara, Ruben Rascon, Erikka Reenstierna-Cates, Hallie Rumsey-Lasersohn, Matanya Solomon, Ryoko Tanaka 


Production team: Shaye Frier, Aldeir Monteiro, Erikka Reenstierna-Cates, Hallie Rumsey-Lasersohn, Matanya Solomon, 


Video editing: Hallie Rumsey-Lasersohn 


Subtitling: Haley Wright  

Princeton Ballet School's 65th Anniversary Virtual Spring Performance

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A video montage to honor our School's history and celebrate our students' hard work, dedication, and passion for dance.


Originally planned as a major stage production, this 65th Anniversary program features excerpts from four classical full-length ballets originally staged for Princeton Ballet School by its founder, Audrée Estey. The ballets include: Coppélia, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Nutcracker. Over 150 dancers participated in this video production, ranging from our youngest students to our adult Open Enrollment dancers.


When the studios closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic, School classes and rehearsals moved online. Teachers taught choreography over Zoom and students found ways to dance at home and outdoors – wherever they could find safe space.


We are so proud of their commitment and creativity, and thank our incredible team of faculty, staff, and volunteers that helped to make this virtual production possible. They overcame technical glitches, rechoreographed dances to make them appropriate for small spaces, coordinated no-contact costume pickups, and – most importantly – created a positive way for our students to connect and express themselves during this unprecedented time.

Rehearsal Directors:

Aydmara Cabrera

Rebeca Maso

Cheryl Whitney

Amy Megules

Shaye Firer

Valerie Amis

Marie Tender

Madison Egyud

Rachel Allen

Lisa Heyer

Rachel Kosch


Full Production Editing: Haley Wright  

PBS Reopening Summer 2020

PBS Reopening, Summer 2020

PBS Reopening, Summer 2020

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Video editing: Haley Wright

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